Cathy Scanlon

Freelance Hiring Manager
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I help small companies and start-ups with all aspects of tech hiring, on an ad-hoc basis.

What I do

The hiring process should be transparent and affordable.

I work internally with your company to cover all your hiring needs, part-time and temporarily, when needed.

All work conducted is transparent and available to you at all times. You pay for and own the work that is done, like most professions, and as I am not commission based our goals are always aligned.

Tasks can Include

  • Defining the job spec
  • Lead generation
  • Candidate screening
  • Initial skype interview/recording
  • Scheduling in-person interviews
  • Coordinating tech tests
  • Salary negotiation
  • Onboarding
  • HR Platform set up
  • Hiring Strategy Workshops

About Me

I'm an Engineer (B.Eng), former Data Scientist (Ph.D), Software Developer and Digital Director who tackled internal hiring for years.

This coupled with my experience as an Agile Project Manager makes me highly process driven and organised.

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Patrick Meetings Booker

Patrick, CSO

Meetings Booker

Cathy helped us with finding some great developers and fit in as part of the team straight away. She really understood the roles we were hiring for and had an in-depth knowledge of the technology stack.

A great way for a smaller company to have an internal hiring manager when needed.

Highly recommend!

Cathy joined us short-term and part-time to manage all aspects of hiring so I could safely get back to running the company without worry.

As she had worked in these roles herself, Cathy knew exactly what we were looking for and helped define the job spec, sourced only very relevant candidates, conducted initial screening interviews, coordinated meetings and set us up with a simple to use HR system.

We made 3 hires in 3 months and saved a fortune in recruiter fees.

Patricia Soapbox Labs

Trish, Founder & CEO

Soapbox Labs

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